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Le Guess Who? - Line-up reveal

The annual Utrecht-based Le Guess Who? festival is a one-of-a-kind event. It's a four-day long music festival, with its focus on exploration and diversity.

Le Guess Who asked me to create an animation for the 2019 line-up reveal. This animation was shown live at the reveal party in the Ekko, and afterwards published on all digital channels. The animations focussed on the 6 curators, expressing them in 6 different audiovisual identities.

In collaboration with Van Lennep.

Full line-up video
Curator - Fatoumata Diawara
Curator - Iris van Herpen + Salvador Breed
Curator - Moon Duo
Curator - The Bug
Curator - Jenny Hval
Curator - Patrick Higgins
General program
General program
End Card

Maak Gehakt van CO2 - Motion / Design

An educational video targeted at the Dutch highschool youth. Prompting to eat less meat, to reduce the amount of bad exhaust that's a huge contributor to climate change.

This video was self initiated by Yolande Koot. Fred van Ommeren, Lodewijk Luijt and I joined the cause to spread a better understanding of the impact meat-production has on our environment.

Full video
Animation snippet from video
Animation snippet from video
Animation snippet from video
Animation snippet from video

Le Guess Who? - Identity Motion Design

The annual Utrecht-based Le Guess Who? festival is a one-of-a-kind event. It's a four-day long music festival, with its focus on exploration and diversity.

Together with design agency Van Lennep, I developed motion graphics for its 2019 identity. Highlighting the six curators who're going to fill in the program of the festival. In the design, we're playing with focus and depth in all layers. The background textures and foreground typography blend together in a playful way. Giving homage to the mysterious and explorative nature of the festival.

In collaboration with Van Lennep.

Instagram story - curator announcements
Instagram story - curator announcements
Instagram - compilation of all curators

Sounds of Tehran - Titles / Credits

For this documentary, I designed and animated the titles and credits. We had a great opportunity to work on a bilingual Farsi / English design. A glitch was used to switch between copy and languages. Below some more applications of the design and sketches.

Here's a link to the excellent documentary.

In collaboration with WeTransfer.

WeTransfer Wallpaper
WeTransfer Wallpaper
Sketch title design
Sketch title design
Sketch title design

Jitl - Animation, branding, webdesign

For online learning platform Jitl I designed together with Studio Supernova a full package of branding, web-design, and animations. It's great to get an opportunity to work on such a big project. We enjoyed the challenge of building the brand up from the ground and branching it out in the way that it keeps its identity.

The animations were used in-between videos to explain complex concepts, by visualizing and pacing information. The challenge however was to cope with a big production request (around 50 animations). We tackled this by limiting ourselves with tight color schemes and shapes per subject.

In collaboration with Studio Supernova.

Compliation of animations
Website demo

Homey Pimpson - Artwork

Beatmaker Homey Pimpson is an Utrecht based artist. For his first EP 'Foreplay' I made the artwork and animated website. This EP is an ode to romance and making love, with references to '80s and '90s romantic comedies and RnB. The design references the theme by using foods: chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, and red fruits.


Homey Pimpson animated website.

Work In Progress Ep. 2 - Title sequence

For the short documentary about rap collective 88rising, I worked on animating the titles. The artists come from all over Asia, so we decided to base the title sequence on English and 3 Asian languages. Motion/design keywords: High energy - high contrast - sharp shapes - big moves.

Watch the documentary here.

In collaboration with WeTransfer.

High energy!
WeTransfer Wallpaper

WeTransfer Wallpapers

In my time working for file transfer company / creative enabler Wetransfer, I've worked on many creative projects for commercial clients. The team designed, pitched and produced these ads, which we ran as wallpaper backgrounds on WeTransfer. I worked mostly on heavily animated and interactive campaigns.

In collaboration with WeTransfer.

Nike React interactive/animated wallpaper.
Adobe Stock wallpaper, with a working search function.
Subtle animated wallpaper for WePresent.
Animated wallpaper for the WeTransfer campaign.

Anything but Guns

Together with writer Craig Taylor, WeTransfer produced an interactive online reading experience. This project was realised in the wake of the many US shootings in recent years. The writing was accompanied by illustrations made from the main materials of which bullets are made. For the social media campaign, I animated those Illustrations in a subtle way. The materials inside are flowing, stirring particles in a liquid colourful pool.

In collaboration with WeTransfer.

Instagram campaign
WeTransfer wallpaper linking to the experience.